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Herman Cain Comes Out With “The Worst Ad of The 2012 Cycle So Far”


There’s a reason managers generally stay in the background.

That’s what they do!

But in the case of Republican hopeful Herman Cain, his guy, Mark Block, ill-advisedly agreed to be on camera, and the result has aptly been dubbed the absolute worst ad of the season by The Washington Post.

The extremely untelegenic Block seems to not even know his first line, as he pauses weirdly while saying “Since … January.”

His head makes a very bizarre swivel at one point, making you wonder if the camera’s caught him spazzing.

It also shakes back and forth at odd moments, maybe to distract you from the inanity of what’s being said.

Then there’s the problem of the deadening monotone and overall air of discomfort.

And worst of all, the smoking! Does anyone in 2012 still think lung cancer is sexy?

Sorry, Herman. Go back to your 9-9-9 routine.

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