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Kenneth Moreno, Former NYPD Officer Acquitted of Rape, Wants to Be a Radiologist


Surely you remember Kenneth Moreno, the cop who, along with Franklin Mata, was earlier this year acquitted of raping a drunk woman in the East Village but found guilty of official misconduct and fired from the NYPD? He is now, according to the Daily News, attempting to get into radiology school and hopes to start studying in September. “I’m also working on other certificates in the health field,” Moreno said.

In addition, Moreno is appealing his official misconduct conviction (based on the fake phone calls he and Mata made in order to allow them to keep going back to the woman’s apartment after they helped her upstairs, ostensibly to “check on her”), and attending hearings about child support due from his ex-wife, Maria Cruz, for their 14-year-old daughter, whom Moreno is raising.

The New York Post wastes no time in getting to what they see as the nitty gritty of Moreno’s new career choice:

Rape-case ex-cop Kenneth Moreno will soon be helping half-naked women onto hospital gurneys instead of into bed, according to testimony at a Family Court hearing.

The bright side: There’s no time for cuddles at the hospital.

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