M. Wells Team to Man P.S. 1 Cafeteria, Perhaps Sail Even Further


If you happen to read French, you can check this Canoe article for the latest news on everyone’s favorite Montreal chef, Hugue Dufour, and the team from M. Wells. While there’s no news on when and where the diner may reopen, it turns out that M. Wells will install itself at P.S.1, where it will offer inventive meals in bento boxes, served out of a classroom. But there’s more in the pipeline.

Dufour and his wife, Sarah Obraitis, plan to outfit a catamaran with a kitchen and invite people to come eat at the boat while it’s being constructed. Then, they would sail the boat to the islands, taking the pop-up concept to new heights. Is it too much to hope that they change their trajectory for Staten Island instead?

[Via Grub Street]