Mike Bloomberg Reviews Yelp Offices On Yelp


Yelp opened their brand-new New York office at Union Square today. NYC Digital head Rachel Sterne was reportedly there, as was Mayor Bloomberg. Like many an opinionated restaurant or bar patron before him, Bloomberg took to Yelp afterwards as Mike B. from Manhattan to review the office. Five stars!

Yelp’s familiar trademark is:

On-line star-based ratings – on a scale of one to five – of local businesses, provided by consumers.

So in that spirit, here’s my review of Yelp’s new home in New York.

First, you’re just a short hop from one of our major transit hubs, Union Square.

So I give Yelp five stars for convenience.

The offices are set up bullpen-style, just like City Hall’s:

That gets five stars in my book, too.

Yelp provides employees with beer – and an i-pad app that controls the keg taps.

Definitely five stars – but only if I get that app too!

Finally, in opening this office, you’ve created 65 new jobs in our city.

That’s good – but I’ll bet you can do even better.

And in fact, you’re still hiring – and you’ve got room to expand right at this location.

So five stars for that, for sure!

Cute. “i-pad” almost makes it look like he wrote it himself!

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