The Cannibal: Meaty Treats for All!


For this week’s review, I paid a visit to the Cannibal, the new eatery adjacent to Resto. If you’re a vegetarian teetotaler, well, this isn’t your restaurant. But for those who love meat and beer (the two food groups that really count in this world), you’re in for a treat. Need some visual cues about what to order? Here’s a glimpse of a few of the meaty (and, OK, a veggie) treats on hand.

Lamb neck terrine (above) is underscored with Sichuan peppercorns and celery leaves. It’s meaty and full of flavor. Cut a chunk and slather it on some crusty bread.

Want more lamb? You could opt for the merguez, one of the many sausages available. As you can see, portions run small, but the menu is really designed for sharing.

Or hit up some ham, like this one from Finchville Farms in Kentucky. The ham selection is all American.

The salami, though, is sort of a small portion for $7. I say stick with the terrines and links.

One favorite: the duck liver mousse with bacon jam. Bacon jam!

But pass on the pork liver terrine, which is a little too funky.

After all that meat, you might want something lighter to aid digestion. You could go for the Caesar salad, refreshing and crunchy, walloped with anchovies.

Or the lovely and colorful squash salad, dotted with pancetta nuggets. This dish makes for a lovely lunch, should you not try one of the sandwiches (though you’d be remiss not to get the egg salad).

For your finale, you might want to tuck into an order of the baked ricotta. A big crock is filled with the warm cheese and topped with chopped, stewed peaches and olive oil. Slightly sweet, it’s like a pseudo dessert course. Though if you have a real sweet tooth, you can order pecan sandies or mini apple pies. At the Cannibal, meat has its place — just not come dessert.


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