The Vagabond Cafe Opened, Sells Chocolate Chip Cookie Lattes


Wong might be the buzzier half of 7 Cornelia Street (212-989-3399), but we’ve recently become smitten with the Vagabond Café, located next door, which opened a few weeks ago. Amid all the Starbucks and soulless coffee shops, this new café offers all that you need in a college coffee shop: oversize plush chairs, free Wi-Fi, the occasional live band, and a bevy of coffee drinks that even includes a chocolate chip cookie latte. Take that, java chip frappuccinos!

We haven’t yet sampled the dozen or so sandwiches, but we can say that the coffee drinks and ambiance are top-notch. One downside: It seems that a host of NYU students has also discovered this quaint coffee shop, so it’s pretty crowded during prime snacking/studying hours. Or maybe that’s just a good excuse to find yourself a college hottie.

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