Anchovies: Now Seeking a Bigger Part in Your Life


Upscale tacos, artisanal kimchi, and brick-oven pizza are typical items at the plethora of weekend outdoor markets, but anchovies? Now that’s a little more unusual.

Hot fried anchovies take the food-flea-market concept to the next level. Welcome Bon Chovie, a fried ‘chovie purveyor popping up at Smorgasburg and this past weekend’s Grub Street Festival. The finger food is served two ways: The classic features the fish Marie Antoinette-d — that is, headless; Jersey Style is served whole.

The fish take a quick dip in oil before being flipped into a paper container and served alongside pickled peppers and homemade aioli. That little cup of dipping sauce may be the component that makes the dish. Dip into the creamy smoked paprika spiked sauce before each bite for a sweet, smoky counterpoint to the salty fish.

Part Spanish tapa, part Brooklyn swagger. At $6 this may be one of the more expensive bites in the weekend market scene, but it’s also one of the most delicious.



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