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“Marriage Isn’t For Everybody,” Matchmaker Assures Me


This week’s column is that fun interview with Siggy Flicker, the love coach with the VH1 show about training people to date better through grooming, generosity, and keeping things a little bit mysterious.

Well, I was extremely comforted when she told me that it’s perfectly OK to not want to get married at all (something I need to hear now that even my gay friends are picking out rings, cakes, and ’80s cover bands).

Related Siggy:

“So many phonies say, ‘I’m dying to get married,’ and they’re not!

“Marriage is not for everybody.

“It’s enough to be in love and have great sex and great orgasms.

“Let’s not complicate things.

“The minute you put that piece of paper there, everyone loses their minds!”

That’s so true, but guess what?

Siggy’s getting married!

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