Miss Piggy Is Playing Hard To Get, The Little Oinker


A friend of mine is a journalist covering the junket for the Muppets’ new filmic extravaganza, and he was forewarned by a publicist, “You won’t get a one-on-one with Miss Piggy. You can do the roundtable.”

I fell apart laughing when he told me this, enjoying the fact that a cloth creature with a guy’s arm inside it can actually call shots like that and deny certain interviews.

But then I realized that Miss P. is one of the biggest stars in Hollywood, no matter what she consists of.

And that she has every right to pick and choose which publicity outlets she should give what amount of time to, seeing as way more press people are lining up to grill her than even want to talk to Michelle Williams or Viola Davis.

(Grilled Piggy? Let’s not even go there.)

So before you screech, “What a pig,” bear in mind that Piggy is the hottest man’s fist in the business — and there are a lot of hot male fists out there.

I would kill just to get her on a roundtable.

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