OWS Kitchen Staff Launch a Protest of Their Own; More Diners Ordering Tap Water


Wegmans recalls 5,000 pounds of Turkish pine nuts sold in its bulk, due to possible Salmonella contamination.
[Wall Street Journal]

Not surprisingly, consumers want to see health-inspection grades displayed prominently in restaurants.
[Main Street]

Napa Valley and New York City are the only places in the country where you will find the prestigious three-star rating from Michelin.
[Napa Valley Register]

Occupy Wall Street kitchen staff went on a temporary strike yesterday to protest fixing food for “professional homeless.”
[NY Post]

FoodFight is a new program taught at 15 New York City high schools meant to change the way teens think about food.
[NY Times]

The fastest-growing drink order at restaurants? Good old tap water, according to a recent study.
[Nation’s Restaurant News]

Espresso? There’s an app for that. New mobile software makes it easy to find a coffeehouse near you.
[NY Times]