Shirley MacLaine Explains Homosexuality For Us All


I just picked up Shirley’s latest book, I’m Over All That — And Other Confessions, and lit up when she equated gayness with past lives (which is surely better than linking it to past girlfriends).

Here’s Shirley’s rationale:

“One of the explanations for homosexuality and transgenderism could, I believe, be a profound identification with a recent incarnation as a member of the opposite sex.

“I believe each one of us has had both male and female lifetimes.

“As we make our soul’s journey through time, I think resistance to reincarnational understanding is because we feel threatened by our sexual identity.

“We just don’t like to contemplate seriously that we might have been a member of the opposite sex in a previous incarnation.

“Questions of sex and the spiritual understanding of the soul are intertwined.”

I’m not fully queer — I mean clear — here, but if Shirl is saying that you could be a gay man because in your past life you were a woman, I’d have to say my familiar line:

But gay men aren’t like women at all.

It’s lesbians who are like women!

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