Yo La Tengo’s Eight Nights Of Hanukkah Will Again Take Place Over (Yes) The Eight Nights Of Hanukkah


Which is a sort of snarky way of saying that tickets for this year’s Eight Nights of Hannukah celebration go on sale tomorrow at noon. For those unfamiliar with the tradition, every year Yo La Tengo brings together a bunch of friends whose identities “will not be divulged until the last possible moment” together for eight shows to celebrate the festival of lights. Guests usually include musicians (everyone from David Byrne to Sun Ra), comics (Sarah Silverman, David Cross, Todd Barry, etc.), and all-around cool people (Robert Sietsma!), and every cent of profit goes towards local charities and institutions. Tickets are going at 35 dollars per show—pick them up at the band’s website or at Other Music in Manhattan or Tunes in Hoboken.

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