Abigail Breslin Is All Grown Up, Sort Of


At last night’s Gramercy Park Hotel party for her new movie, Janie Jones, Oscar nominee Abigail Breslin exuded all the signs of an ex-child-star who was rapidly maturing but was still charmingly girlish and cute in a semi-transitional sort of way.

After co-star Alessandro Nivola sang a song, the 15-year-old Little Miss Sunshine came out and said to the crowd:

“He’s pretty awesome [giggle], so that’s hard to follow, I guess.

“But I’m gonna play two songs from the movie [giggle] … and, yeah …

“Thank you guys all for coming out here tonight [giggle].

“I’m from New York, so it’s awesome to be able to be here [giggle] and have a lot of friends and everything here.”

And then she sang very sweetly.

The girl’s going to be fine.


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