FDNY Confiscates Occupy Wall Street’s Generators


The fire department and police department paid Occupy Wall Street a visit this morning and took their power generators. The FDNY says they were looking for anything that posed a fire hazard: generators, fuel, gas tanks, etc. According to reports, the materials were removed peaceably.

This isn’t a complete surprise: CBS reported on Monday that the FDNY was on the lookout for potential fire hazards in the park.

The authorities arrived around 8:30 this morning at Broadway and Liberty and asked the protesters to bring them the generators and gas canisters. Five generators were taken, protesters say, including one that ran on vegetable oil.

Deputy mayor Howard Wolfson tweeted this picture of a generator with warning sign this morning:

If the protesters are to stay in the park, they need something to provide heat and power; people need to be fed, the media team has a ton of equipment that needs to be charged, and winter is fast approaching. A representative of the Comfort working group told us that “We are currently in the process of writing legislation to get funding from the GA for our three stage insulation plan for the tent city” and added that Comfort never supported gas generators in the first place.

In a prescient move on Tuesday, the General Assembly approved a $4,000 budget for new bike-powered generators, according to GA minutes. We’re trying to find out if and when those will arrive.

However, Columbia j-schooler Andrew Katz just tweeted that an OWS rep told him that “As always when the police take, people give. New generators on the way.”

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