Live: Two 7-Inch Singles That Should Come Out Of Last Night’s Permanent Wave Covers Show


Permanent Wave’s Halloween Covers Show
Death by Audio
October 27, 2011

Better than: Scrambling to put together my own costume.

Last night, Brooklyn’s Permanent Wave collective took over Death by Audio with what they were billing as a “ridiculously fun night of cover sets by some of our favorite lady-fronted bands.” This included, in chronological order, Delta Hotel playing That Dog, Claire’s Diary playing Le Tigre, Eula playing Blondie, Wojcik playing the Craps, Mindtroll playing Salt-N-Pepa, and Amy Klein and the Blue Star Band playing Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band (plus one Bruce-written Patti Smith tune). As far as these Thursday night DIY shows go, that’s a pretty formidable lineup, and as it turned out, all the bands delivered, each one having more fun than the last. If there’s a way to capture that fun on vinyl, here are two 7-inches I wouldn’t mind seeing next to the ‘zines and absurdly delicious pumpkin chocolate chip cookies at the merch table next time around:

Mindtroll performing “None of Your Business” b/w Wojcik performing “I Was Teenage Werewolf”

Mindtroll opened with a kitchen-sink take on “Push It,” throwing in everything from a Korg to an accordion. Dancing aside, it was clear that the crowd didn’t quite no how to respond, but by the time the band jumped from 1987 to 1994 with a cover of the call-and-response “None of Your Business,” we were all ready to shout along with the title refrain. And Wojcik’s take on “Teenage Werewolf” was just as off-the-hinges; the band’s guitarist and drummer (and only members) switched instruments, giving the song a similarly raw edge.

Amy Klein and the Blue Star Band performing “Dancing in the Dark” b/w Claire’s Diary performing “My My Metrocard”

The best part about Amy Klein and the Blue Star Band’s set: everyone dressed up as Bruce. The “Clarence Clemons” who would occasionally pop out of the crowd for a barry sax solo was a nice touch, though. Either way, the group opened with their best, covering the Boss’s immortal “Dancing in the Dark” and even pulling a Courteney Cox out of the crowd for some onstage dancing. And despite ripping through “Deceptacon,” Claire’s Diary’s Le Tigre set peaked when they went in hard on “My My Metrocard.” Even if they missed a chance to change “Giuliani” to “Bloomberg.”

Critical bias: Took a break from writing this “review” to attempt to turn a few choice moments from the “Dancing in the Dark” video into animated gifs.

Overheard: A pair of writers arguing over the merits of Toby Keith’s “Red Solo Cup.”

Random notebook dump: Seriously, whoever made those pumpkin pie chocolate chip cookies, salute.

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