Meat Up at the New Amsterdam Market This Weekend


It’s time to wield the cleavers! Furthering the trend of butchers-as-superstars, the New Amsterdam Market is holding a symposium on all things meat- and butchery-related. The first of the five sessions, a demo by Adam Tiberio on breaking down a beef hindquarter, will take place this Sunday, with other events and demos occurring through November 7.

The full schedule of events is:

Sunday, October 30: Grass-Fed Beef Cutting Demo

Monday, October 31: Grass-Fed Beef Dinner at Sauce Restaurant

Sunday, November 6: Grass-Fed Buffalo Cutting Demo, and a Leather Discussion with Makalé Faber Cullen of LORE Artisan Goods

Monday, November 7: Grass-Fed Buffalo Dinner at Sauce Restaurant

An added bonus: The demos are free of charge to those working in the food industry ($50 for non-food-pros). Dinners at the recently opened Sauce (78-84 Rivington Street, 212-420-7700), meanwhile, are $100 and $110, respectively. More information about all the events can be seen on the symposium’s website. Vegetarians, sorry, this shindig isn’t for you.