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New York Commercial Bank, Go Screw Yourself!


Last year, when I took out a CD at Atlantic Bank (part of New York Commercial Bank), they told me I had to also start a checking account there to get the CD rate.

They said, “It can just be one dollar in there,” while assuring me repeatedly that there would be no transactions required and no fees on the account.

(I made them swear up and down on that because I’m extremely wary of such tricks, having dealt with bank shadiness before.)

So I put in a buck and rested comfortably.

Well, I just got a letter saying that my checking account was overdrawn!

I called the bank in a panic and they explained that the rules have changed and now they will charge my checking account $10 a month unless there’s some activity in there at least twice that month!

I owe them nine dollars for this month!

This even though I never wanted the checking account in the first place, never got checks or an ATM card, and was bamboozled into starting the account with the lie that it wouldn’t cost me anything.

Fuck you, New York Commercial Bank.

Was screwing me out of some glorified chump change worth losing a customer (and a lot of my readers) over it?

Occupy Wall Street, when you get a minute, you might want to head over to their headquarters and stick your tongues out.

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