Unions Want IMDB To Stop Putting Actors’ Ages

by has the wrong age for me — they actually make me older than I really am, and you’re just gonna have to believe me on that.

I tried to change it, but gave up, finding it too difficult to do so and ultimately not caring that much.

And I’ve generally found it a breath of fresh air that they list actors’ birthdates (their correct ones, I hope).

With all the lies and evasions out there, it seems to level the playing field and just say, “Here’s how old they are. Deal with it.”

But the actors’ unions vehemently disagree, and they’re always worth listening to.

SAG and AFTRA have been begging imdb to remove the birthdates.

As a press release says:

“An actor’s actual age is irrelevant to casting. What matters is the age range that an actor can portray. For the entire history of professional acting, this has been true, but that reality has been upended by the development of IMDb as an industry standard used in casting offices across America.

“IMDb publishes the actual dates of birth of thousands of actors without their consent, most of them not celebrities but rank-and-file actors whose names are unknown to the general public.

“When their actual ages then become known to casting personnel, the 10+ year age range that many of them can portray suddenly shrinks, and so do their opportunities to work.”

Point taken — but is the way to get more work for actors simply to cover up how old they really are?

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