You Could Own Jack Kevorkian’s Old Sweater (and the Suicide Machine, Too)


Just in time for Halloween, Dr. Jack Kevorkian’s suicide machine, the Thanatron, and 17 paintings (including one done by Kevorkian with a pint of his own blood — better than someone else’s!), are being auctioned off today at the New York Institute of Technology. The value of the paintings is estimated at between $2.5 and $3.5 million. Also for sale is a bulletproof vest and some sweaters. Hutter Auction Galleries “is proud to be producing” the auction. Check out the catalog here! Did you know Jack Kevorkian had a signature hat?

Proceeds of the auction go to Janus and the charity Kicking Cancer for Kids. Particularly controversial in the listings, aside from the Suicide Machine (asking bid: $200,000 t0 $300,000), are the paintings, of which ownership is being disputed. The Armenian Library and Museum of America, where they are currently held, says they were donated by Kevorkian. That means winning bidders will have to put down a 10 percent deposit to be held in escrow, with the goods to be delivered upon resolution of the museum’s legal dispute with the Kevorkian estate.

In the meantime, there’s tons of other weird stuff, including Kevorkian’s last driver’s license, his last cell phone (which works and comes with charger), his black hair comb, letters (including an invite to play golf with Travel and Leisure — he declined), prescriptions, books, and lots more!

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