Find Out Where You Fit Into Earth’s 7 Billion People


The UN Population Division estimates the world’s 7 billionth person will be born tomorrow. How do they know this? The UN says the number is “derived from the annual series of world population estimates obtained by interpolating the results of the 2010 Revision of World Population Prospects by assuming exponential growth within each year.” Translation: Tracking chips implanted in all our brains by shampooists working hand-in-hand with the illuminati. Due to birth rates, the 7 billionth person will most likely be born in India or China. Who cares about them? Where do you fit into to this number?

The BBC has a program that calculates what number person you were on Earth when you were born. It also tells you where you rank in the history of both your birth country and humanity. The numbers are based on highly debated estimations and the calculation doesn’t factor the time of day you were born, but if you thought you would be getting a 100% accurate reading, you clearly have way too much faith in the UN Population Division.

There are two obvious ways to look at this program:

1) It is a way to demonstrate the exponential population growth that will eventually choke our Earth of resources and doom us all to a slow, anonymous death.

2) You can use it to find out what number person on Earth your favorite celebrity was when he or she was born. Scott Bakula was 2,736,490,178!

Really puts things into perspective, huh?

The world at seven billion [BBC]

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