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Central Park May Have Lost 1000 Trees Due to Freak Snowstorm


No one was prepared for this weekend’s weird freak snowstorm, least of all Central Park’s trees. According to reports, the park may have lost 1,000 trees over the weekend. By way of contrast, Hurricane Irene only felled 125 trees.

How could this be? Aren’t New York trees tougher than that?

Apparently it has a lot to do with the fact that leaves hadn’t fallen and the snow was damp and gross, so it just settled on the leaves and weighed them down. Most of the damage happened in the southern part of the park.

The New York Times reports that it was the worst damage the Central Park Conservancy president had ever seen:

“It’s like a bomb blew off,” Mr. Blonsky said, as he conducted a site survey of the park on Sunday. He looked out his car window at a 70-foot oak tree, near the park’s southeast entrance. Only a jagged stump remained.

“Boom,” Mr. Blonsky said softly.

In even sadder news, the storm killed nine people up and down the East Coast.

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