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Corduroy Appreciation Club Seeks NYC Child Turning 11 on November 11, as Their ‘Messiah’ | Village Voice

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Corduroy Appreciation Club Seeks NYC Child Turning 11 on November 11, as Their ‘Messiah’


Things you may not have known: There is a Corduroy Appreciation Club. It was founded by a man named Miles Rohan, with the purpose of (obviously) appreciating corduroy, an underappreciated fabric, to be true. (Our last discussion of the material involved spurious claims and took place in a college dorm, in fact.) The Corduroy Appreciation Club finds itself approaching a very important date, as they write on their website, “The Most Important Date In History: 111111” — also known as, “The date which most closely resembles Corduroy, EVER.”

There are lots of events planned, including an Annual Grand 111111 Meeting to be held at the Desmond Tutu Center on 10th Avenue, at which members in attendance will be required to wear three items of corduroy rather than the usual two. (Tickets are sold out!) Additionally, the Daily News reports that the club is desperately seeking a child born on November 11, 2000, who will turn 11 this year.

“That child is the messiah of corduroy,” said Miles Rohan, founder of the 4,000-member club, which was started as a half-joke in 2005. “We liken it to finding the Dalai Lama.”

Several children have been rejected for reasons including geographic undesirability (Wisconsin) and a “nut job” dad. The candidate (and his or her parents) must be okay with some untraditional situations, like the child being carried into the meeting on a litter and put on a throne. (Probably, also, having to wear a lot of corduroy.) Not to worry, Rohan works at Nickelodeon, so he knows about kids! And…corduroy.

This is the moment of a lifetime. How good would “Messiah of Corduroy” look on your kid’s college apps? So good.

New York Corduroy Appreciation Club searching for 11-year-olds born on 11/11 [NYDN]

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