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Herman Cain’s Accuser Was Paid Off, Though He Didn’t Do Anything?


Republican presidential hopeful Herman Cain just started living down that awkward smoking commercial starring his personality-free manager, cough cough.

And now comes the sexual-harassment scandal, whereby it’s claimed that way back when he headed the National Restaurant Association, Cain said and/or did some inappropriate things to at least one woman.

Well, Cain has roundly denied the charges and called this a desperate witch hunt!

But now it’s been confimed that a settlement did happen.


What’s with people paying off accusers when they didn’t even do anything?

Talk about a complete waste of hard-earned money, not to mention a weird exercise in mixed messages!

Very Michael Jackson, no?

Oh, relax, you cynics.

Cain says that it would have been the association that paid her off, and if they did, he hopes it wasn’t very much.

Because the charges were totally baseless, remember?

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