Ian MacKaye Spoke At The Opening Of UCBeast On Saturday Night


Saturday night marked the opening of UCBeast—the Upright Citizens Brigade’s East Village outpost, located at East Third Street between A and B—and among the people offering up monologues that evening was one Ian MacKaye. According to friend of SOTC Andrew Krucoff, who was on hand, “Ian could take any suggestion and quickly run it through his Google mind search to pick a club/bar/venue space with same name, and roll a story from that.” Among the stories offered up by the DIY legend: the tale of Fear’s 1981 Saturday Night Live performance, which was full of slam-dancing and general chaos and which resulted in overheated New York Post pieces overestimating the damage. A clip of that 30-years-old-this-week performance by the LA punkers after the jump. (That’s apparently MacKaye yelling “New York suuuuucks!” at the four-minute mark, by the way.)

There’s no video of Saturday night’s performance, but you can read MacKaye retell the tale—it involves an assistant to the show’s producer asking him to procure “dancers” for the evening, and everyone being locked in a room as punishment for their antics—to Narduwar.

“I’d never heard of [Upright Citizens Brigade], I had no idea why I was asked,” MacKaye told the Times‘ Dave Itzkoff backstage on Saturday. “It was a very interesting, and, I think, healthy, pleasant experience. I was very happy to be invited. It totally felt natural, and it made sense to me.” Ah, I wish I was there. Guess I’ll have to watch some Evens clips to make up for it.

[HT: Andrew Krucoff]

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