If You Have An Inordinate Amount Of Time Or Patience, You Can Listen To The 24-Hour Flaming Lips Song (Or At Least Some Of It) Now


The Flaming Lips’ “7 Skies H3″—the 24-hour song that’s the band’s Halloween present to its most persistent/unscheduled fans—is currently streaming at the creatively named right now, although if you want to hear it there’s a bit of a catch; the virtual doors to the listening party get shut after 999 people enter, a paltry number when you think about how many people will just want to dip in and out during the Halloween workday. (How many people of those 999, I wonder, are in it for the long haul, and have been since the song dropped at midnight?)

Of course, if you have $5,000 to drop on 24 hours’ worth of music and a pretty, chrome-adorned (and apparently real) human skull, you can just buy one of the 13 physical copies of “7 Skies H3,” which come complete with a USB cord so you can transfer it to your hard drive lickety-split. And the price has shipping included! So thoughtful.

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