Mr. Jelly Belly Searches for a Candy Comeback


Planning on giving out Jelly Belly jelly beans tonight to the trick-or-treaters? If so, you’re probably making David Klein even more depressed. The Associated Press profiles Klein, the confectioner who was once king of candy land but who fell into obscurity after selling his jelly-bean brand to the Herman Goelitz Candy Company. Proof of how the mighty have fallen: He’s now searching for a comeback with a candy called Farts.

Also in Klein’s repertoire: Candy Barf and Zombie Heart. But he’s not giving up on jelly beans entirely. Klein has plans to launch Dave’s Signature Beyond Gourmet jelly beans, which will include trendy, exotic flavors like ginger, jalapeño and, naturally, bacon. But beyond the innovation lies a poignant story of a man who still wishes he could be on top of the candy world. “Col. Sanders created a product and when he sold it he was still Col. Sanders,” Klein tells the Associated Press. That wasn’t the case for Mr. Jelly Belly.

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