Taxi TV Gets Slightly Less Obnoxious


In terms of taxi complaints, Taxi TV is pretty much up there at the top of the (lengthy) list, but Taxi TV has heard your woes over their blaring volume and general annoying nature. They will be turning it down! Or, at least, the two major software providers of Taxi TV technology, Creative Mobile Technologies and VeriFone Media, will be turning down the default volume in some cabs. They’ve also moved the volume button to a more user-friendly spot, and will give passengers “a quick tutorial” on how to lower or mute the volume, reports the New York Times. Of course, this indicates to us that you’ll still hear, over and over again, their tutorial on how to turn down the volume. What about, perhaps, a default button of “off” and passengers having to choose to turn the TV on, an opt-in instead of an opt-out? Wouldn’t that be lovely and post-modern?

Alas, in the battle of advertising money vs. what passengers and drivers care about (their own sanity, in some cases), we must consider this measure something of a win. At least, it’s better than what’s currently happening. Reports the Times,

For many passengers, the changes are long overdue: in a recent survey of 22,000 riders, 31 percent said the televisions were the worst element of the ride. Cabbies also welcomed the changes, even if they cannot hit the mute button themselves.

Do what we do when you get in a cab: Start hitting the off button immediately. Eventually, it usually works. On the bright side, someday there will be surely be something far more annoying than Taxi TV for us to complain about in cabs.


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