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The AKC Names Brooklyn the ‘Dachshund’ of Neighborhoods


As they gear up for their big Meet the Breeds event on November 19th and 20th at the Javits Center, the American Kennel Club and the International Cat Association have been doing some thinking about what breeds “match” which of New York City’s neighborhoods. Jessica Rice of the AKC tells us they “went through all of our breeds’ personalities and characteristics to match a dog and cat up best with the neighborhoods.” Sooooo, what cat or dog are you? If you’re an Upper East Sider, they dub you a poodle (or an American Curl cat). Upper West Siders are English Springer Spaniels or Oriental cats. Folks who live in Little Italy are, obviously, Italian Greyhounds, or possibly a cat breed known as the Singapura. Most relevant to our personal interests, people who live in the Village are Brussels Griffons — “highly intelligent and sensitive, with a very expressive face,” yesiree — and those in Brooklyn are dachshunds, you know, for hot dogs, a/k/a, Nathan’s.

In truth, we’ve always considered ourselves more of a French bulldog, or possibly a cocker spaniel, one of the cute, fluffy ones, but what do we know? These guys are the experts.

What we truly would like to find out, however, is, what the dogs and cats think about all this. If you guys are reading this while we’re away at work making the big bucks to pay for that gross mush you eat, write in and let us know what you think!

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