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Vicious Halloween-Time Swan Attack Reminds Us We Are Terrified of Swans


Today, the adorable animals in trouble are the HUMANS. If you loved the video of a turkey chasing down a TV newscaster and scaring her silly (watch it, if you haven’t), you may also enjoy this video of a mad swan bent on revenge and taking it out on a family hiding inside their trusty vehicle in East Hampton, New York.

As for the whys behind this, the YouTube poster points out that it was a father swan, which leads us to assume that this is some protective instinct rather than sheer Halloween terror. And, the family may or may not deserve it, as they seem to be mocking the swan. Don’t mock the swan.

Your Halloween/anytime PSA is this: Beware of swans, especially if you’re visiting a local lake where they live — or, especially if you’re not.



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