What Do You Do About Conspicuous Laughers?


Laughing is a glorious sound to hear at a show or a movie — especially when it’s a comedy.

But I’ve noticed that everywhere I go, there’s always a bunch of conspicuous laughers who aren’t chortling because they’re enjoying themselves.

They’re doing it to draw attention to themselves!

These are the people who positively explode with laughter, even when something isn’t intended to be funny at all.

They’ll laugh in advance of the line, to signal that they know what’s coming.

And then when the line hits, they volcanically erupt with over-the-top glee, to remind you that they got it.

And it’s not just laughter, mind you. It’s really forced squeals, screams, yelps, and giggles — anything to let you know that they’re in the room and they’re even conscious.

As they shriek and guffaw, they seem to be showering appreciation on whomever’s performing, but what they’re really saying with every guffaw is “Look at me! Listen to me!”

They even drown out some of the dialogue with their conspicuous laughs, so how appreciative is that?

These people are basically just a slightly more positive version of hecklers, and every bit as annoying.

So what do you do about them?

Well, it’s hard to tell someone to shut up when they are merely exhibiting our society’s familiar means of expressing enjoyment.

So how about “Shut the fuck up!”?

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