Claymation Penises Come At You In New Movie!



This Friday, A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas opens in theaters near you, where some rather desperate people might very well line up with their tongues out.

I hear the film has a sort of fantasy sequence in Claymation, during which Kumar’s boner comes right at your face!

(Oh, did I mention that the film is in 3-D? Ouch!)

In the very same segment, Harold’s noodle gets stuck to a frozen pole, in a sort of racy homage to A Christmas Story (though perhaps it’s closer in spirit to something like Dumb and Dumber).

Elsewhere in the film — ANOTHER SPOILER ALERT — Neil Patrick Harris appears, of course, but this time he’s seen with his real-life boyfriend David Burtka.

And at the climax, as it were, Neil makes a satirical revelation about his personal life, and it’s …

No, I’m not giving that away.

Besides, I haven’t seen the film yet.

I’ll be there Friday on my knees.

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