Let NYC Restaurants Get Your Goat. In a Good Way.


The days when a pink goat hung over Cabrito on Carmine Street may be over, but goat may finally be claiming its place on menus across the city.

Fatty ‘Cue, which replaced Cabrito (whose name translates to “goat meat,” typically from a smaller animal), continues to keep goat on its menu. The goat pappardelle is an exotically seasoned and snappily spicy bowl of goat ragu sauce folded into thick, chewy ribbons of pasta. A buttermilk sauce lends a creaminess to the whole affair.

Goat meat is just slightly gamy, but marries well with all sorts of cuisines and spices. For a Thai take, head to Kin Shop, where there are two options — lunchtime yields a goat stew, and goat neck is used at dinner in a massaman-braised goat curry. At East Village newcomer Maharlika, the Filipino national dish adobo swaps goat for the traditional chicken. Head out to Queens for some Jamaican goat, where the Door in Jamaica serves a curried version.

You can find goat between the bread in a banh mi at Má Pêche. The dish will be served for a limited time as part of Heritage Foods’ “No Goat Left Behind” initiative. Over 50 restaurants restaurants across the city are taking part in this program, each serving a dish with the proceeds going toward helping struggling goat farms.