Mike Bloomberg: OWS is ‘Cathartic’ and ‘Entertaining’ In a Bad Way


Video by Azi Paybarah at Capital New York from this morning shows our mayor saying that it’s Congress that caused the financial crisis, not the big banks. He also describes Occupy Wall Street as “cathartic” and “entertaining” — though not in a good way.

It’s fun and it’s cathartic and it’s entertaining to go and to blame people and look to the past, but it doesn’t do anything for the future. And most of the protesters down there are complaining. I think they should be out there trying to change the world and make it better, and that’s what we’re trying to do in this city.

Never has catharsis sounded so nefarious!

In contrast, former mayor Ed Koch wants “to see somebody, and I haven’t seen it happen yet, some C.E.O., some F.O. C.F.O., I want to see one of them from a major corporation punished, criminally.”

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