The Ultimate Theme Party Photo Of All Time


Sometime in the distant past — in 1988, to be precise — I had a zebra-themed bash at El Morocco, whose zebra-patterned banquettes gave us the eye-popping idea in the first place.

Those were the days when you could arbitrarily decree that people dress a certain way and they’d actually do it, just to make for a zany party spectacle!

You’d simply say, “Dress zebra,” and they would!

Everyone from cable stars to socialites to scandal star Sukhreet Gabel (who testified against her own mother and who gamely sang at the party) obediently showed up in zebra prints!

And it was a hallucinatory mad mess of a good time!

John Simone was there to capture it all with his penetrating lens.

Feast your eyes on the photo if you’re not afraid to turn into a jungle animal.

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