Blair Witch Star Moved On To Growing Pot!


Heather Donahue, who made a big splash in the scarily sensational Blair Witch Project in 1999, saw her life literally going to pot when the movie’s glow waned and her career went into underdrive.

So Heather followed her boyfriend to Nuggettown, California, where she became part of “the Community,” tending to the marijuana crops just as devotedly as she ran through the woods in her breakout movie.

Heather’s book about this experience, Growgirl, comes out in January, at which point I’ll be interviewing her about having gone on such an unprecedented trajectory (one that seriously rivals that of the Elvis co-star who became a nun, whom I just told you about — I don’t waste my time with boring people!).

I just wish Heather had been growing pot ages ago.

I could have used some when I sat down to watch Blair Witch Project!

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