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Bus Rider Cries “Rat,” Stops Bus


A B38 bus was stopped and emptied at Adams and Willoughby Streets in Brooklyn on Monday morning at about 5 a.m., reports the Daily News, after a bus passenger yelled “Rat!” No rat was found, says the MTA, perhaps because the yell scared it off, or maybe the guy was just trying to start trouble and there was no rat in the first place. Or maybe he hallucinated a fake rat. (The bus had apparently been on the road for a few hours without complaints.)

But we’re wondering, is crying “Rat!” actually a semi-original very New York City way to get the best seat on the bus, or to avoid standing next to a chatty passenger? Is crying “Rat!” akin to crying “Fire!” in a crowded theater? Or is crying “Rat!” more like crying “Wolf!”? Would you have the presence of mind to scream “rat” if you actually saw a rat, or would you simply scream, jump in the air, and possibly pee yourself a little?

We don’t know the answers to these questions, but we do think that, for whatever reason, a rat on a bus is freakier than a rat on the subway. A stair-climbing rat, oh, we are having nightmares.

Cockatoo on the subway trumps bus rat, any day.

Bus evacuated after rat scare on board Brooklyn bus, but no rodent found [NYDN via Gothamist]

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