Celebrity Photos From Chiller Theatre!


Today’s column is all about my interactions with various Oscar winners, ex-child-stars, sitcom survivors, and other culty icons at the Chiller Theatre autography show in New Jersey the other night.

Well, here’s a gorgeous bunch of Angelo Pitillo-photographed shots of the amazing luminaries we got to carry on with.

But first, a random anecdote:

I heard Oscar nominee Bruce Dern (Coming Home) tell a fan there that on the first day’s shooting of Family Plot, Alfred Hitchcock got out of his chair, but he was so fat the chair stuck to his ass. Once he became disentangled, the genius director (complete with pacemaker) went up to each person on the set and thanked them by name!

“No other director’s ever done that,” said Dern, misty-eyed.

Showbiz, for all it’s darkness, can also be extraordinarily lovely, right?

So are these photos. Enjoy!

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