Morton Subotnick+Gavin Russom


Morton Subotnick was among the first to take advantage of electronic instruments to lend new, previously impossible sounds to what were otherwise fairly traditional compositions. His 1967 Silver Apples of the Moon remains a benchmark. Gavin Russom might be considered one of the San Francisco Tape Music Center cofounder’s descendants. Like Subotnick, Russom has a fondness for multimedia projects, mind-expansion and new technologies—he’s built instruments for fellow DFA-ers including James Murphy and Black Dice. His work might not seem as futuristic now as Subonick’s did back in the 60s, but Russom’s productions—whether with Delia Gonzalez, in Crystal Ark, or as Black Meteoric Star—always deliver fresh surprises. With composer/sound artist Miguel Frasconi and video artist Sue Constabile.

Wed., Nov. 9, 6:30 p.m., 2011

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