‘Sneaker Pimps’ w/ Kendrick Lamar+Stalley


Interestingly representative of hip-hop’s current pan-regional polyglot, this Stalley is. The Massillon, Ohio MC’s hypnotic, acrobatic flow is all at once West Coast laconic, Marcy Project jazzy, and Midwestern defiant. Less chameleonic than versatile, he sounds equally at home riding slurred g-funk, skeletal boom-bap, and drowsy club bangers. Debut “lincoln way nights” splits the difference between a lived-in confidence and the sort of broad, lazy narrative strokes endemic to mixtape rappers hoarding their best rhymes for that pie-in-the-sky official release. In brief: loves his mom, rolls classic cars, wants you to blow up like he’s going to, fucks with Dilla. Stalley sells this persona fairly well, even as he knows he’ll have to eclipse it to matter.

Fri., Nov. 11, 8 p.m., 2011

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