Staten Island Man Will Not Stand For Minor League Baseball Stadium’s Fireworks


Watch the video above. That, friends, is the consequence of living near the Richmond County Bank Ballpark: fireworks all the time, after every home game, according to this account by a Staten Island resident named Steve in Brick Underground.

Steve tells BU:

Every night of a home game there is a weird silence after the game, long enough for my wife and I to think, “Oh crap. It’s coming,” and then the fireworks start. I even know the type: It’s a firework called ‘The Atomic Bomb’. It’s an M-80.

Other noise shoots straight up from the field too. My friend sang the national anthem one day, and I heard her name announced during dinner.

In addition, around game time, the whole neighborhood becomes a parking lot.

Noise! In New York City! Wow.

However: a rep from the Staten Island Yankees told us that they only have fireworks on the weekends (Thursday, Friday, and Saturday) during the season, and “We don’t have fireworks every night.” So there’s that.

Apart from the fireworks, it seems as though Steve’s biggest problem is actually a libidinous French giant.

To add to the discomfort caused by the stadium sounds, we are plagued by another type of noise. Our upstairs neighbor is a 6′ 5″ French photographer. He spends half the year in Paris, and half the year living above us. We feel like we live beneath a French Godzilla and because he is a good-looking photographer, for the 6-months he lives above us, we have to hear his love interest of the night, who usually is wearing heels and feels the need to scream a lot.

Living on Staten Island is hard.

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