The Kardashian Marriage Was Far From The Shortest In Showbiz History


As I pointed out the other day, the unlikely duo of Ernest Borgnine and Ethel Merman topped Kim and the ex-Mr. Kim’s 72-day marriage by splitting after only 32 days.

But there are some that croaked even faster!

(1) Rudolph Valentino and Jean Acker, 1919

Only six hours! And they were probably silent the whole time.

(2) Zsa Zsa Gabor and Felipe DeAlba, 1983

Technicalities derailed it after less than 24 hours. It surely ended with a very loud slap.

(3) Britney Spears and Jason Alexander, 2004

Annulled after 55 little hours. The bride looked stunning in cutoff jeans and a trucker hat. And oops, she later got married again.

(4) Dennis Hopper and Michelle Phillips, 1970

Eight days that I bet neither remembers.

(5) Cher and Gregg Allman, 1975

Nine days. She realized he was on some pharmaceuticals. Before they married, I guess there wasn’t a clue of that!

(6) Mario Lopez and Ali Landry, 2004

Two glorious weeks ruined by his philandering just days before they tied the knot. I think I heard about it on Extra.

And there were also pitifully brief unions involving people like Drew Barrymore and Axl Rose (but not together).

But wait a minute — it might be easier to do a list of which celebrity marriages have lasted!

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