The Pleasures of Mustard Oil; The Beauty of Having a Butcher


According to a new study, fast food is most popular among the middle class.

On that note, researchers say overwhelming evidence shows fatty foods are as addictive as cocaine.

New York chefs like Jean-Georges Vongerichten and Alex Raij have discovered the pleasures of mustard oil.
[NY Times]

Breadfruit could be the food of the future: It grows in huge quantities and is high in nutrients. The only problem is that it’s terribly bland.
[Wall Street Journal]

A new breed of wine bar has great bottle lists without the pomp and pretension that used to accompany wine bars.
[NY Post]

Occupy Wall Street protesters are being blamed for shutting down Milk Street Café and getting staff fired.
[NY Post]

Buying from a butcher is more than just purchasing cuts of meat you’ll never find at the supermarket. It’s about the human interaction.
[NY Times]

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