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22-Year-Old Woman Punches the Crap Out of Her Subway Groper


What would you do if some person came up to you as you minded your own business on the subway platform as you waited for your train and lifted your skirt, rubbed your thigh, and groped you? Would you run away, scream, call the cops, take his picture? Would you be paralyzed and do nothing? Would you punch the shit out of him?

We would like to imagine that we would do the latter, although it’s hard to say. That’s what Shyane DeJesus, a 22-year-old City College senior, told the New York Post she did after she was groped by a man on the morning of October 23 on the Union Square subway platform (we wrote about the groper, and the cop’s search for him, on Tuesday).

After kicking him in the face, punching him, and shouting, she followed him onto the train and punched him again.

“He went on the train and sat down as if nothing happened. I was hysterical. I yelled that he just groped me. I literally started punching him in the head,” she said.

No one came to her aid.

(It’s possible they thought she had things under control.)

She got his photo, too, and then called the cops when she got to her job. The man, she said, just “smirked,” which makes you wonder if he appreciated all the attention. Nonetheless, we have to give DeJesus massive credit for her swift response and also her diligence in fighting subway pervs. Let’s call it the three-step response PPPlan: Punch, Photograph, Police.

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