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Donald Trump: ‘I Wouldn’t Say Retirement Is for Losers’ (But You’ll Probably Get Fat and Old)


Donald Trump spoke to SmartMoney recently and revealed some things of potential interest to the career-interested layperson. For one, though he’s 65, he’s planning to stick around for a long time, work-wise: “My father, who worked until he passed away at 93, used to always say, ‘to retire is to expire.’ And I feel the same way. I love what I’m doing – and when you love what you’re doing, you don’t retire.”

If you do feel that retirement’s for you, you lazy old fool, he doesn’t judge, however, especially if you’re spending time and money on one of his properties. Just don’t get fat and all elderly in appearance, which, well, you probably will, he says:

“I wouldn’t say retirement is for losers – in fact I have a lot of friends who are great winners in retirement – but I also have a lot of great friends who, after they retire, just never look the same.”

“A friend, who was a banker, looked forward to his retirement, but as soon as he got there he became less vibrant — he aged a lot,” Trump said.

Note to retired friends of Trump: Get other friends. Also: Botox.


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