Here Is A Cake Shaped Like A Pair Of Those Beats By Dr. Dre Headphones You’ve Probably Seen Around Town


Snapped at last night’s opening party for The Beats Store, an emporium devoted to Beats By Dr. Dre, the headphone line that sprung from the collective mind of the aforementioned rapper-producer and Interscope-Geffen-A&M honcho Jimmy Iovine. (Both Dre and Iovine were present at the bash, as was The store itself has a bunch of stations where you can sample the various headphone offerings via music released by the IGA imprints (“Yoü And I,” “Super Bass,” LMFAO, etc.) and a soundproofed room showcasing the company’s speakers, as well as some extremely helpful staff members and a wall that shows off a few custom-made headphones for people more famous than me (Yelawolf, the Yankees). It’s a nice shop, and clearly inspired by the Apple Store, only with more wooden accents and Diddy-Dirty Money videos projected on the wall. But look at that cake! I’m almost sad I didn’t get to see it get cut open, if only to see the innards of the arc.

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