Michael Jackson Was A Raving Hetero, Says David Gest!


Liza Minnelli‘s ex-husband David Gest, who bristles when gay stuff is suggested about himself, does the same when it comes to his old pal Michael Jackson.

In fact, in a new DVD called Michael Jackson: The Life of an Icon, Gest takes pains to note that Jackson was not only a raving heterosexual and far from a pedophile, but (get ready to start protesting the implications) “a real man.”

As Gest points out, they never found kiddie porn on Jacko’s computer and when a stash of printed porn was uncovered, it was stuff like Playboy.

Well, this wipes away memory of the hotly contested book Michael Jackson Was My Lover, which claimed that Michael regularly watched foreign films with subtly erotic man-child themes.

No search could ever find those; they were rentals.

Anyway, it might be in some ways refreshing to have someone with a point of view that attempts to level the playing field.

Are you buying it?

(Or just renting it, lol.)

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