Rob Delaney, Plaintiff in Kardashian Suit: “I’m Against Frivolous Lawsuits, Of Course”


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In an interview with MTV News, comedian Rob Delaney defends his lawsuit against newly-divorced Kim Kardashian (plus Ryan Seacrest, E!, and Comcast): “I’m against frivolous lawsuits, of course, so it took something deadly serious for me to come out of the woodwork and mount this case,” he said.

He continues: “In America, you can kind of do whatever you want with the law, you know. I mean Michele Bachmann’s a lawyer…so there’s a tradition here that I feel supports me. So I think the Supreme Court, for example, would be behind me, I’m confident.”

Similar to what he told the Voice earlier this week: “I’m representing myself and the people of the United States of America if they’ll have me. I went to the O.W. Coburn School of Law and then I went to Oral Roberts University. Both are the same schools that tax attorney and presidential candidate Michele Bachmann went to. At those schools we learned that you can use the law for whatever you want.”

MTV is weirdly serious and pro-Kardashian about this whole thing, right? Look at that headline: “Rob Delaney Does Not Rule Out His Lawsuit To Be A PR Stunt.” Oh! And the deck? “Comedian Delaney talks more on his ridiculous lawsuit again Kim Kardashian.”

To recap: Delaney is suing Kardashian and her corporate handlers for $18 million, the amount of profit she made from the endless string of wedding-related programming, for subjecting the country to her 72-day sham marriage and divorce. He’s doing it for you, America!

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