The Shanty Bar Will Bring Even More Craft Spirits to Brooklyn


The craft-spirits movement in Brooklyn just won’t end. Gothamist brings word that the New York Distilling Company and its bar, the Shanty (9405 Leonard Street, Brooklyn, 718-369-3749), will open for business later this month. Tom Potter, Allen Katz, and Jason Grizzanti’s bar/distillery will be bringing small-batch gin to the borough hopefully around Thanksgiving, with rye whiskey to follow thereafter.

Later this month, the company will introduce a 114-proof Navy-strength gin called Perry’s Tot and a fruit-forward 88-proof gin called Dorothy Parker American Gin. Next year they’ll debut Old Tom Gin and Rock & Rye, a whiskey made with “youthful rye.” The bar, meanwhile, will offer not just the distillery’s product, but a whole line of American whiskeys and spirits. Bottoms up!

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