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Todd Remis, Divorced in 2010, Sues Photographer to Recreate 2003 Wedding


This statement in the New York Times makes me mad: “Of all the many things that make up a wedding, few are more important than the photographs.” Perhaps the Times, writing of Manhattan man Todd Remis’s lawsuit against H&H Photographers for missing the last 15 minutes, including the last dance and that horrible ritual, the bouquet toss, of his wedding in 2003, is being a bit tongue in cheek. Because Remis and his ex-wife, Milena Grzibovska, have since divorced, and Grzibovska is “believed to have moved back to her native Latvia.”

But this is exactly the problem with weddings today: (Some) people think the photographs are more important, say, than the wedded couple actually making the right decision and, if they choose to wed, not being total assholes about their stupid photos. Anyway!

Remis sued 6 years after his 2003 wedding, in 2009, after the couple separated in 2008. And he wants something unusual: Not only $4,100, for the cost of the photography, but “he also wants $48,000 to recreate the entire wedding and fly the principals to New York so the celebration can be re-shot by another photographer.”

The judge in the case seems to be aware that it’s ludicrous, and has dismissed most grounds for the lawsuit, but is letting it go ahead to determine if there was a breach of contract.

“This is a case in which it appears that the ‘misty watercolor memories’ and the ‘scattered pictures of the smiles … left behind’ at the wedding were more important than the real thing,” the judge wrote. “Although the marriage did not last, plaintiff’s fury over the quality of the photographs and video continued on.”

As the Times says,

Long after the last of the cake has grown stale and the tossed bouquet has wilted, the photos endure, stirring memories and providing vivid proof that the day of one’s dreams took place.

Right. Get those damn photos. Photos or none of it happened. Which, truly, might have been preferable in this case. Perhaps the worst aspect of this charade is that the wedding guests from 2003 (assuming they count as principals — after all, they gave gifts, right?) would actually be expected to attend this thing again. For the photos, of course.

Enlightening is the fact that Remis has been unemployed since 2008, which, thank God, because otherwise how would have have time to do all this work? Dear Mr. Remis: Please, stop suing and get out there and date, if you can find a woman who hasn’t heard this story yet! You’ve got to move on. For all of us.

H&H has spent $50,000 so far in legal costs.

Years Later, Lawsuit Seeks to Recreate a Wedding [NYT via Pat’s Papers]


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