Urban Etiquette Notes, Now With Dog Poop


Sometimes it must be asked: Have we gone too far with urban etiquette missives? I mean, we live in a large city surrounded by millions of other, often annoying in some way or another, people. There’s bound to be shit that happens. Yet in one neighborhood, reports Fucked in Park Slope, the shit has gone past hitting the fan and is instead being bagged, along with a kindly urban etiquette note asking the poo-creator’s (a/k/a, dog’s) owner to please stop letting the dog go to the bathroom in the “tree pits” and then also, to please stop just leaving the poo there.

Ew to all of this, because the question necessary to ask becomes, “Is it grosser to let your dog poo in tree pits and not pick it up than it is to actually pick up a stranger’s dog’s poo when you find it in your tree pits and then bag it and attach it to the tree with a note?”

Either way, it’s plenty gross. The good news is, Park Slopers will not go quietly into the good night of urban etiquette notes. They will go kicking, screaming, and probably throwing bagged and unbagged feces, which, we don’t know from gardening but…fertilizer, right? Probably works better out of the bag. So there’s that to look forward to.

Fucked in Park Slope asks how the note-leaver actually knows this poo always “seems to have come from the same dog,” but we’ll leave them to ponder that and eat…our…lunch?

Park Slope Signage: Is this your dog’s shit? [FIPS]

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